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Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my little site. My name is Louisa May and I am 19 years old, I am really into the whole Japanese culture, especially Manga and Anime. As you will see in my site I love dressing up and doing loads of naughty horny role plays, both on my own and with my big boobed mates. I hope you like big boobs as I am very proud of myn and just love showing them off ! They are all natural, grown by me and a big thanks to my mummy he he ! I love getting naked and teasing you all, I will be very active inside my members area and cant wait to get to know you all more. Inside you will find pics and video of me, as well as getting to speak to me on webcam ! So if you want me to be your super kawaii mistress come inside now :)
Louisa May xxx

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I just love the Japanese culture, and love dressing up in manga style outfits. I love dressing up as a super cute kawaii manga schoolgirl, I loves to tease everyone acting all innocent. But as you all know, I am very naughty and I'm soon showing off my massive boobs for all you the horny boys and girls.


This time my dirty mind comes up with a naughty fantasy that includes my big boobed mate Brook, we play out a horny schoolgirl and teacher role play, I of course played the teacher just so I can get to spank Brook's ass !


I love Hello Kitty, it's so cute ! I dress up in some Hello Kitty clothes but put my own slightly punky twist on it he he. As you can see the little t-shirt can hardly cover my tits. I also have some Hello Kitty stickers that end up in the naughtiest of places, but you'll have to come inside to see exactly where lol.


I invited another one of my big boobed mates over to play, we got dressed up in some very short tartan skirts and some naughty t-shirts. It wasn't long before we was posing for the camera, playing with each other's boobs and kissing ! Such naughty girls he he


I saw this t-shirt and just had to have it, then I found the biggest "Nerd" glasses to go with it to complete the look, you got to love a nerd ! So here's me trying to play the sexy nerd, maybe I am a Liberian with them glasses on waiting to punish you boys for bringing your books back late !


I love to get all sticky and messy, you will see loads of naughty scenes in my site where I get absolutely gunked ! In this one I play with some yummy chocolate and cream, smothering it all over my massive tits ! Anyone volunteer to lick it off ?

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